Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a key lifesaving measure for serious cardiovascular emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, or drowning. Wherever out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur, CPR substantially increases the chances of survival. According to the WHO, estimated 15 million people worldwide died from heart attacks or strokes. This represents almost 30% of all global deaths.

What if…

CPR is not “rocket science” – even for laypeople. With clear instructions and regular hands-on practice, anyone can learn what to do in an emergency. Unfortunately, for many people around the globe, first aid courses are not easily accessible. Therefore, alternative ways to learn CPR are becoming increasingly important. Such alternative ways include remote learning via direct or recorded online instructions, classes taught in the community and schools or peer-led teaching. Mostly, they require the use of affordable manikins for the manual practice of chest compression.

Our vision is to boost first aid worldwide by spreading the idea of easy-to-use, easily accessible, and easy-to-build do-it-yourself (DIY) CPR Manikins.

DIY CPR Manikins might not be the right solution for every situation, but we see them as a valuable addition to commercially distributed CPR training manikins – used where it makes sense.
With, we want to give every person the means to train CPR to have the courage and ability to act in an emergency.
Help us to empower people all over the world to practice chest compressions and save lives thanks to DIY CPR Manikins – free of charge.

Who we are

The initiative for started in 2021 within the Swiss Lifesaving Society (SLRG) – one out of four rescue organizations under the Swiss Red Cross – when Reto (at this time Managing Director of the Swiss Lifesaving Society) noticed a picture of a DIY CPR Manikin in a workshop about the further development of the first aid sector within the Swiss Red Cross. – the thought “What if CPR training with such simple devices would be similar or at least as effective as with commercially available manikins?” followed him since then.

In 2022, Tina (as Leader Research Network) and Esther (as Project Leader) built up a network, created this website and a not-for-profit-businessplan to further develop the network. The research network has been continuously active since then. After a pause in our communication efforts, we are now updating this website again and are open for your input. is open for everyone to use, share or contribute. 

THANK YOU ALL that contributed and supported so far!